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From Business Partnering to Business Leadership: HR’s Strategic Role

The Foremost FMCG Industry-focused HR Conference in Nigeria

November 7th - 8th, 2018

From Business Partnering to Business Leadership: HR’s Strategic Role

…The Foremost FMCG Industry-focused HR Conference in Nigeria

Zone Tech Park, Gbagada, Lagos.

About The Event

As digital disruption takes over industries coupled with the economic downturn in most sectors, Senior HR Executives in the FMCG industries are analysing the effects of these factors on their operations and are rethinking the basis of how they position the human resources function to deliver value to their organisations. They are seeking credible insight that will help them win in the market place, bearing in mind that the benefits of building deep industry expertise cannot be over emphasised.

Clearly, top quality practice expertise and prompt insight are critical to gaining competitive edge in any industry. The industry-focused Senior HR Executive Conference allows Senior HR Executives gain commercial, pragmatic, regulatory and industry-specific insight while providing a platform for discovering future practices that will drive the industry forward.

This conference will give Senior HR professionals in the FMCG space the opportunity to be among members, not just of their vocational tribe – HR, but also the opportunity to rub minds with professionals confronting the same challenges, and indeed, opportunities as they are.

Over the course of two days, delegates will interact in an environment where their common knowledge and enthusiasm is not just accepted, but is catered to with loads of “industry-themed” content.

Seven (7) Reasons Why SHREC FMCG is a Must-Attend

Renew their excitement about the work they do

Learn industry trends

Build an Effective Network

Meet Industry Experts (including vendors and suppliers)

Be Visible Experts

Develop New Ideas

Have fun

Why the Industry-Focused Senior HR Executive Conference?

Although access to information today has been made easy due to the advent of web, search engines and social media tools for sharing; deep domain knowledge and quality professional relationships – beyond LinkedIn – still come at a premium.

For HR professionals to remain relevant in the fast-paced world of digitization, industry-focused education and experience sharing events have become necessary to ensuring they acquire the right knowledge and ideas. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

Being industry-focused means two things: keeping up with the industry – with best practices; and involving the industry – by situating the best practices, knowledge, ideas and information within the context of the industry. An industry-focused conference provides an opportunity for like-minded people to congregate to discuss a host of topics related to their industry and how these may apply to their organisations.

This Senior Human Resources Executive Conference focuses on the above objectives as a driver for creating an environment for sharing industry leading practices and advancing the ideas that will position the HR function to deliver value to the business represented in the industry.

Key Highlights of The Event


Days of perception expanding learning experience


Star Networking Environment


Panel Sessions




Renowned Keynote Speakers

SHREC welcomes two (2) leading thinkers who will be sharing their take on key issues affecting the profession of HR within the context of the industry


Senior HR Executives

Meet with fellow Senior HR Executives to hear internationally renowned speakers and business leaders at this year’s general sessions


Top-Rated Educational Sessions

Driven by the unique challenges in the FMCG sector, we have provided suggested sessions relating to your area of expertise that offer solutions to your company’s biggest problems


Days of Exhibition

Get the solutions you need. Whether you are looking for solution providers or want to network with your peers, we have you covered. Opportunities abound at this year’s exposition

Benefits Of The Event

Details on proven ways to create a culture of innovation for FMCG organisations of all sizes

Industry-leading consultants sharing their expertise on the hottest HR topics like workforce technology and data-based decision-making

The opportunity to meet with industry peers face-to-face and discuss solutions to shared challenges

Dan opportunity to learn more about your sector, gain knowledge from experts, learn about new trends, developments and opportunities in the business world and evolve practical solutions on HR related issues

A perfect platform for meeting experts, regulators and peers in the industry, providing an opportunity to grow your network and build your “professional capital”

Interesting topics supported with relevant, practical and applicable content that highlight the opportunities and challenges your organisation faces

People In Attendance

Network with industry leaders, faculty and event participants comprising C-Suite Executives, HR Directors, Managers and Team Leads with expertise in:

Human Capital Management
Learning and Development
Strategic Talent Management
Talent Acquisition
Performance Management
Organisation Design
Predictive People Analytics
Leadership Development
Digital HR
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