Building Resilience in Nigeria's Evolving Energy Ecosystem: HR's Pivotal Role in Steering Organisational Adaptability

The Foremost Tech Industry-focused HR Conference in Nigeria​

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March 20 - 21, 2024


09:00am WAT


In-Person (Strictly by invitation)


About the Event

The Nigerian energy sector is currently undergoing substantial and transformative shifts- from renewable integration and digitalization to regulatory changes and market fluctuations both locally and globally.​

In this unprecedented change, one crucial factor stands out: resilience. As the energy industry undergoes these dynamic transformations, the ability of organisations to adapt and thrive has become more important than ever before and only those organisations equipped with resilience can navigate the complexities and seize new opportunities.​

Surprisingly, the driving force behind successful adaptation isn't just advanced technology or innovative strategies – it's your people. Human Resources (HR) plays a pivotal role in cultivating resilience within the workforce and, consequently, throughout the entire organization.​

At this event, we unveil HR's and business executives' pivotal role in equipping organisations to navigate the complexities of an evolving energy landscape. Through tailored strategies, expert insights, and collaborative workshops, you'd be equipped to flourish amidst transformation.

Seven(7) Reasons why SHREC Energy Industry is a Must-Attend

To renew their excitement about the work they do​

To build an effective network

To meet Industry experts (including vendors and suppliers)​

To be visible experts

To learn industry trends​

To develop new ideas

To Have fun

Why the Industry-focused Senior HR Executive Conference?​

Although access to information today has been made easy due to the advent of web, search engines and social media tools for sharing; deep domain knowledge and quality professional relationships – beyond LinkedIn – still come at a premium.​

For HR professionals to remain relevant in the fast-paced world of digitization, industry-focused education and experience sharing events have become necessary to ensuring they acquire the right knowledge and ideas. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

Being industry-focused means two things: keeping up with the industry – with best practices; and involving the industry – by situating the best practices, knowledge, ideas and information within the context of the industry. An industry-focused conference provides an opportunity for like-minded people to congregate to discuss a host of topics related to their industry and how these may apply to their organisations.​

This Senior Human Resources Executive Conference focuses on the above objectives as a driver for creating an environment for sharing industry leading practices and advancing the ideas that position the HR function to deliver value to the business represented in the industry.

Key Highlights of the Event​

7 Hours of Perception Expanding Learning Experience

Being industry-focused means two things: keeping up with the industry

3 Panel Sessions

Being industry-focused means two things: keeping up with the industry

2 Renowned Keynote Speakers

SHREC welcomes two (2) leading thinkers who will be sharing their take on key issues affecting the profession of HR within the context of the industry​

100+ Senior HR Executives

Meet with fellow Senior HR Executives to hear internationally renowned speakers and business leaders at this year’s general sessions.​

2 Top-Rated Educational Sessions

Driven by the unique challenges in the Tech sector, we have provided suggested sessions relating to your area of expertise that offer solutions to your company’s biggest problems​

Benefits of the Event​

People in Attendance​

Network with industry leaders, faculty and event participants comprising C-Suite Executives, HR Directors, Managers and Team Leads with expertise in:

Meet our Speakers

Fehintolu Olaogun

CEO/Co-Founder, Credpal

Chijioke Dozie

Carbon CEO/Co-Founder

Emmanuel Ojo

CEO Redtech

Foluso Aribisala

Managing Partner and CEO Workforce Group

Testimonials of our Past Events

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Senior Human Resources Executives’ Conference (SHREC) was initiated to bring together top human resources and business professionals to share discuss, network and share their experiences and insights on issues relating to the subject of human resources in the corporate world.

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